PESTLE - Country Analysis

Look for a Country Report on Business Source Complete

  •    Select Country Reports from the menu on the right hand margin
  •    Click on the search button for By Title, Subject and Description
  •     Type in the country name, click Browse
  •    Select the Country Profile and open the most recent year

Look for a country profile in Passport.

  • Under economies, select Economy, Finance & Trade.  Scroll down to Country Reports, select Economcy, Finance & Trade under category and choose a country.  Explore the Country Profile, the Country Report and the Related Statistics for each to see the data or evidence for the reports.

Social Environment
    Population Statistics

In Passport search by country 
   From the top tool bar select 
            >country reports
  The Related Statistics provides census data.  Select time series, by year -  choose relevant years and click on Apply.     

   Education Statistics

Cultural Environment

  • In Passport, select Consumers and explore under headings Households and Lifestyles.
  • globalEdge, select country to see languages, ethnic groups, religions as well as links to other sources.
  • globalEdge - provides information on business culture by country
  • Hofstede Centre - provides country based cultural analysis, comparisons and scores.

Economic/Financial Environment

Political Environment

  • provides political structure (look under Summary)
  • globalEdge includes political structure, international relations and international organization participation in the Government section.

Legal Environment

  • World Fact Book by the CIA includes information on country legal systems.
  • globalEdge - Look for the Country Commercial Report.

Technological Environment

Look for data and information that will help you examine and analyze one of two variables:

  • Technologies USED by the industry you are analyzing e.g. fracking by oil and gas
  • Technologies that are essentially substitutes for the products provided by the industry being analysed e.g. online advertising with Google and Facebook displacing print advertising at Postmedia

Sources - 

  •    10K Reports or Corporate Disclosure documents to find technologies used by companies within your industry.
  •    Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) section of a company's 10K will identify threats from other industries.
  • Passport - ranks countries by technology - go to Consumers, Digital Consumer
                    - search relevant keywords in the search box for trends and new products.
  • Industry trade magazines and trade associations websites
    • Google the industry + country + associations to find trade associations
    • Search Business Source Complete for articles published in trade magazines
    • Search relevant keywords in the search box in Passport for trends and new products
    •        for example, search 3D printing, payment methods, drones, etc.
    • Articles may also be found in Canadian Businss & Current Affairs, Ei Engineering Village, Factiva and Industry Week
  • Global Information Technology Report (World Economic Fourm)

Geographic/Natural/Ecological Environment

Content last updated: September 18, 2019