Handbooks and encyclopedias often give a good overview of a subject area and provide relevant background information, as well as key terms that can be used when searching the databases.  Search for them in the library's catalogue by Keyword.  

Finding Books

In the library catalogue,  search by Keyword or Subject  to find books by a topic.   To search multiple words not as a phrase do a Keyword search and use Boolean Operations - 
         AND to find all of the words in any order
         OR to find any of the words
         AND NOT to exclude one or more words

For example
      Keyword   entrepreneurship and financ*
                        (entrepreneurship or family-owned buisness entreprises ) and management

A single * symbol will find any ending up to 5 characters. finance* will retreive finance, financial, financier, financially, etc. 

A full list of search tips is available at the Keyword Searching page.

Suggested subject headings include:

Content last updated: September 28, 2017