Government Sources


Statistics Canada

CANSIM - Statistics Canada's main database (free version) CANSIM II (able to change frequency and chart)
Table no. 380-0065 Gross national income and gross domestic income - dimensions - Real personal disposable income

Statistics Canada may not be the only source of the statistics needed - there may be another department or agency, or international body - e.g National Energy Board; NATS - National Transportation Statistics. The customized Google search engines for government information may help identify relevant resources

Bank of Canada

Monetary Policy Report (quarterly) - examines the global and Canadian economy with outlook information
Business Outlook Survey (quarterly)  - survey of senior management of about 100 firms to gain their views on future economic activity

United States

Federal Reserve Bank of New York - U.S. Economy in a Snapshot
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis - FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data - has extended time series)

Bureau of Economic Analysis - U.S. Economy at a Glance (has links to historical data)

Other sources of data: Economic Indicators (Library subject guide); Data and Statistics about the United States (; FedStats; StatsAmerica


Global Economic Prospects (World Bank) Note: Commodity Markets Website. Also note Research & Outlook tab at top - Data leads to country statistics.

World Economic Outlook (International Monetary Fund)  - publication has an underlying database. Note link to Data - leads to many databases - one of which is Principal Global Indicators. Further information is available from OECD and the OECD iLibrary

Other key recources