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              Includes consumer and business confidence reports.

CANSIM - Statistics Canada's main database(free version) CANSIM II (able to change frequency and chart)
    Search North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2012 to determine the code for an industry
Ststistics Canada may not be the only source of the statistics needed - there may be another department or agency, or international body - e.g National Energy Board; NATS - National Transportation Statistics. The customized Google search engines for government information may help identify relevant resources

United States


Global Economic Prospects (World Bank) Note: Commodity Markets Website. Also note Research & Outlook tab at top - Data leads to country statistics.

World Economic Outlook (International Monetary Fund)  - publication has an underlying database. Note link to Data - leads to many databases - one of which is Principal Global Indicators. Further data is available from OECD iLibrary