Company & Industry Data

TIP: Search NAICS 2007 to get the NAICS code for an industry

Canadian Only

Global (also includes Canadian data)


  Look for a SWOT anaylsis: 

  • Go to Business Source Complete and search for your company name.  Scroll down and limit by Company Report and SWOT Analysis.
  • Try Passport.  Select Companies from the top tab and key in your company name.  Select relevant segment and open the profile.  Look in the table of contents for a SWOT analysis. 

  Look to the company's web site for valuable information:  Read the Management Discussion and Analysis - (MD&A) section of the Annual Report or 10k.  Read the letter to the shareholders from the CEO in the company's annual report.

Industry Data & Reports

  • Business Source Complete - search your topic, product, company or industry.  Under Refine your results choose Industry Overview and Industry Profile.
  • Mergent Online - when connected, select the Report Search tab from the menu.   Select industry of interest and then geographical region.  
  • Factiva - mouse over Companies/Markets from menu bar at top of page, select Industry.   Select industry from the list provided.  Published profiles are found under Analysis and Profiles from menu on left.
  • Passport - Select Industries from the top tabs.
  • Conference Board of Canada e-Library - Browse by topic -> Industry Sector Economics for industry profiles or enter industry name in the search box.
  • HighBeam Business: Industry Reports    Free industry reports from The Gale Group on US industries. 

Look for valuable information and data from trade associations
  Google the industry + country + associations to find trade associations

For example:
   Canadian Toy Association
   Retail Council of Canada
   American Apparel & Footwear Association
   Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)

Content last updated: February 14, 2019