Citation Searching

Use citation databases to find if a particular author and/or paper has been cited by other authors.


Web of Science    
       Select Cited Reference Search from top tool bar.
You have the article
        Dyke L.S., Murphy S.A., How we define success: A qualitative study of what matters most to women and men (2006) Sex Roles, 55 (5-6) , pp. 357-371.

       Enter one author in cited author box
                Dyke L*  (use surname, first initial and truncation symbol)          
       Retrieve abbreviation of journal name from list provided, and enter year of publication.   SEX ROLES 2006
       Deselect disciplines not relevant from listing under Citation Databases

From the list, select the article and click on Finish Search at the top of the list.
Results show the article has been cited 45 times - the most recent in  2017.
Note the option Create Citation Alert to be notified of any future citings of this article.

       Choose Author Seach from top tool bar.
       Enter author's name and affiliation if known
              Neilson L*
       Select displayed result.  On right hand side all published articles by the author will be listed.  Click on article for citing references.

Remember to see if an citing article has itself been cited.



Content last updated: February 14, 2019