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Course Code Course Name
CCDP Communication Courses for Disciplines and Professions
CLCV 2104/RELI 2737 Roman Religion
CLCV 3003A Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture
CLCV 3307 Pilgrimage in the Roman World
COMS 1101 Introduction to Communication Studies
COMS 2004/3002 Introduction to Communication Research
COMS 2601 Media Depictions of Society
COMS 3002B Qualitative Research in Communication
COMS 3108 Media Industries and Institutions
COMS 4404 Broadcast and Digital Media
COMS 4505 Professional Writing & Speaking
COMS GRAD Communication for Graduate Students
CRCJ 3001 Quantitative Methods in Criminology
CRCJ 3002 Qualitative Methods in Criminology