Government Information and Data

Changes to Library services during the COVID-19 service disruption.

Most of the government documents in the library’s collection are located in the Maps, Data, and Government Information Centre (MADGIC).

In MADGIC, located on Floor 2 (main floor) of the library, you will find:

  • maps, atlases, Statistics Canada and census reports
  • government information from Canada, foreign countries and inter-government international organizations such as the United Nations
  • many internet links.

Do a quick Google search for Canadian government documents (federal, provincial, municipal) as well as those from other countries and international organizations.

The Data Centre acquires, manages, and preserves quantitative computer-readable data files from the various disciplines of the humanities and social sciences and provides data-related services as needed to support research and instruction at Carleton University.



Content last reviewed: July 31, 2018