Finding Materials

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These resources provide background information and description of ancient Egyptian culture and architectural artifacts.

Reference Materials

Search Tips: 1. Use simple keywords terms.
                      2. Consult a thesaurus for possible search synonyms. Make a list and use it to find general information on
                         your research topic.

Books and eBooks
Below are a sample list of Books and eBooks in the library. You can find additional books by searching Omni.

Search Tips: 1. The Advanced Search in Omni allows you to search by other access points: Title,
                             Author, Call Number, Subject Terms, etc.

  • The art and architecture of ancient Egypt / William Stevenson, Smith; William Kelly Simpson (1998) N5350.S5 1998
  • A Companion to ancient Egyptian art / Melinda K. Hartwig (2015) N5350.C67 2015
  • Ancient Egypt: anatomy of a civilization / Barry J. Kemp (2006)
  • Ancient Egyptian Art in the Brooklyn Museum / Richard A. Fazzini (1989) N5335.B76B76
  • The Arts and Crafts of Ancient Egypt / William Matthew Flinders Petrie
  • Egyptian art in the days of the pharaohs, 3100-320 BC / Cyril Aldred (1980) N5350.A56
  • When the Pyramids Were Built : Egyptian Arts of the Old Kingdom / Dorothea Arnold (1999) N5350.A65 1999 
  • Egyptian Decorative Art / William Matthew Flinders Petrie (1989) NK1190.P5  -
  • Egyptian painting / Arpag Mekhitarian (1954) ND75.M4 
  • A History of Egyptian architecture / Alexander Badawy (1954) NA215.B287 v.2-v.3
  • Egyptian stelae, reliefs and paintings from the Petrie collection / H.M.B.A. Stewart (1976) DT59.L65.S84

Search Tips:  1. You can use a variety of search strategies to obtain relevant results. See
                          Keyword and Advanced Keyword Searching to learn about keywords, Boolean operators, phrase
                          searching, quotation marks, proximity operators and subject terms.

REMEMBER:  AND (both words must appear in the search result)
                          OR (one or the other word must appear in the search result
                         NOT (word after “NOT” must not appear in the search result)
                          Phrase searching with quotation marks ("egyptian tombs")
                       Wild cards: Asterisk (*) for searching word stems (art* returns artist, artistic, etc.)
                                           Question mark (?) for replacing one letter in a search (wom*n returns “woman” and “women”)
                       Parentheses  (god* OR goddess*) AND egypt

Example: To find books on women or goddess or religion, perform a Keyword search. 
                   For example: wom*n AND egypt

              Look at the subject te find other related books with the same subject terms.
              For example:  women –egypt --history

  • Mistress of the House, Mistress of Heaven : Women in Ancient Egypt  / Glenn Markoe,  Anne K. Capel (1996) N5335.C56.C566
  • Women in ancient Egypt / Gay, Robins (1993) HQ1137.E3R63 
  • The complete gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt / Richard H. Wilkinson (2003) BL2450.G6.W56 2003


  • Life and death in ancient Egypt : scenes from private tombs in new kingdom Thebes / Sigrid, Hodel-Hoenes (2000) DT73.T3H5813
  • An Egyptian bestiary : animals in life and religion in the land of the pharaohs / Philippe, Germond; Jacques Livet (2001) N7660.G4313 2001
  • Wondrous curiosities: ancient Egypt at the British Mudeum / Stephanie Moser (2006) DT59.L65.M67 2006
  • History of Ancient Egypt: an introduction / Erik Hornung (1999) DT83.H5813 
  • A History of Egypt / William Matthew Flinders (1898-) DT77.P49 v.1-v.3 
Content last reviewed: October 15, 2019