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When searching databases, use operators to join concepts together using AND and OR.

Use AND to narrow a search such as christian* and art Both words must appear in the records found.

Use OR when the concepts are similar, and it does not matter which word is used. scripture or bible This broadens the search.

Use truncation when you want to allow for several spellings or variations on a word.

For instance, christian* will return christian, christians, christianity, etc.

Put the terms together into one search statement
             for example: in Art Full Text  (sarcophag* OR funerary) AND (myth* OR religion OR art) AND roman image

             for example: In ARTstor search: sarcophagi AND roman

Recommended Databases
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Art Full Text 
Index of Medieval Art
Index to Jewish Periodicals
Année Philologique
Old Testament Abstracts
Dissertations and Theses Global

Content last reviewed: April 1, 2020