Related Databases

Journal articles, books, and other materials providing help and/or information on the methodology of qualitative research in criminology may be found by searching in the following databases:

Search tips! 

  • PsycINFO allows you to search by methodology when using the Advanced Search. After entering your keywords, scroll down to choose one or more methodologies. For all other databases add "qualitative study" or the specific type of study you wish to find (e.g., "discourse analysis") as an additional search term.
  • SAGE Research Methods includes resources (articles, books, and videos) about research methodologies, but also resources discussing results of research studies. Search for your desired methodology or general topic, then narrow your results by discipline (eg, Criminology and Criminal Justice). 
  • If you are trying to find studies on media portrayals (eg, how the media reports on certain types of crime), the Communications & Mass Media Complete database can be useful, in addition to one of the more specific social sciences / sociology databases also listed here..
  • You may want to search other databases not listed here, depending on your exact topic. Browse Databases or check Subject Guides for related topics, as well as other Course Guides
Content last reviewed: January 10, 2020