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Course Code Course Name
ECON 3220 Canadian Economic History
ECON 3920 Professional Practice of Economics
EDC 001 Oh what a web we weave
ENGL 1009A Literature in Global Context
ENGL 1010B Writing Essays about Literature
ENGL 1010C Writing Essays about Literature
ENGL 1010E Writing Essays about Literature
ENGL 1020D Effective Writing
ENGL 1020E/F Effective Writing
ENGL 1020H Effective Writing
ENGL 2109A Gender, Sexuality and Literature
ENGL 3306A Shakespeare and Film
ENGL 3940A Studies in Diaspora Literature
ENGL 5005 MA Seminar
ENSC 1500 Environmental Science Seminar
ENST 3000 Environmental Studies Colloquium
ENST 3900 Field Camp: Oxbow Park, Carleton University
ERTH 2314 Sedimentation and Stratigraphy
ERTH 4820A Research Methods in Earth Sciences
ESLA ESL for Academic Purposes
ESLA 1900 Advanced ESL for Academic Purposes: Everyday Economics, Winter 2019
ESLA 1906 Advanced English as a Second Language Reading and Writing for Economics
EURR 1001 Introduction to European and Russian Studies