Flash News: What Makes an Iconic News Photograph? (2017)

Course Instructor: 

Mira Knox

You may be interested in two kinds of research: news articles with images, and information about the impact of images in news.

News sources

We have a "find" guide for news that brings together several types of news resources.  On the Library's web site, click on Find, and then News.

When you select News, you will see a landing page:

For current news, start with Websites.  When you click on Current News, you will see that they are organized by country.

Certain organizations have their own news distribution systems, for instance NASA.

For other news, start with News Databases.  The following databases contain news articles with images:

Interested in others?  Check out the historical archives part of the News Databases section.


These books may provide useful information to help make sense of the impact of your news images.  The print ones have been placed on a book truck in the instruction room.  The electronic ones can be accessed by clicking on the link.


You may also be interested in our Images "find" guide.

Other places to search

Questions?  Just ask!

Enjoy researching your topic!

Content last reviewed: September 9, 2018