Finding Secondary Sources (Books, E-Books, Databases)

Search Strategies

You can also do a Subject search if you know the Library of Congress subject heading:

Example: Globe Theatre (London, England : 1599-1644)
                 Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 --Criticism and Interpretation          

For best results, do a search using KEYWORDS or phrases in Omni or subject database to find references to scholarly articles.

Example: Film adaptations
                 Women characters     

Remember to include Boolean operators, AND, OR, NOT in your search query to obtain meaningful results. 

Example:  Shakespeare AND masculinity
                   Shakespeare OR Ben Jonson
                   Marlowe NOT Ben Jonson

Other tips: Use parentheses, quotation marks, and special symbols for variant spelling to refine your query (See Omni Search Tips)

Book Examples

  • Shakespeare : the Basics / Sean McEvoy (2006) (2000)
  • Shakespeare the Aesthete : an Exploration of Literary Theory / Lachlan MacKinnon (1988) (Online at HathiTrust)
  • William Shakespeare and His Plays / Charles Haines (1968) (Online at HathiTrust)



Visit our Database by Subject page and look at the listings under English Language and Literature for other possible resources. If you need to find literary criticism on Shakespeare's works, use the databases listed in the English Language and Literature Subject Guide.


Content last reviewed: January 6, 2021