Searching for Journal articles

Changes to Library services during the COVID-19 service disruption.

To search for journal articles, you have several options:

  • Recommended databases are:
    • Summon (it is a 'one-search' tool on the library's main web page that searches everything in the library)
    • GeoRef (covers all North American geology sources and the U.S. Geologcial Survey)
    • GeoScienceWorld (geoscience articles from the leading societies)
    • Web of Science (multidisciplinary suite of science databases)
    • Google Scholar (multidisciplinary; connect via the library's web page so you can access the full text of articles)
  • Use the Subject Guide for Earth Sciences for other database recommendations
  • Refer to the database search strategies web page for help with constructing your search

Cited Reference Searching

This type of search is most often used for finding articles that cite a particular work. Many databases provide citation counts for individual articles. Why is this important?

  • Keeping track of who has cited a given work can help you gauge the impact that article has in the discipline
  • To find citation counts for in the earth sciences, use Scholars Portal Journals, Web of Science, or Scopus
  • If the article has been cited, the database will provide a link to the citing articles

Cited Reference Searching for a known author

  • this will give you a count of the number of citations an author has received
  • use Web of Science (Cited Reference Search) or Scopus (Author Search)
  • you can also analyse the results of a citation 
Content last updated: August 24, 2018