Creating a Search

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Once you have narrowed down your research topic or research question, you can create a search to find more information.

Create a Search

Put each idea keyword in (parentheses) separated by AND. Then find synonyms for the idea keywords, by thinking  or looking at research starting points. Add those synonyms inside the parentheses, separated by OR.

Research topic

(idea 1) AND (idea 2) AND (idea 3)

(idea 1 OR idea one) AND (idea 2 OR idea two) AND (idea 3 OR idea three)

For example:

Is consumerism sustainable as the population grows?

(consumerism) AND (sustainability) AND (population growth)

(consumerism OR overconsumption) AND (sustainability) AND (“population growth” OR “population increase” OR overpopulation)

Content last updated: September 19, 2017