Evaluating Sources (especially online ones!)

You should always be using your critical thinking skills when you are looking for sources to help you decide: Should I use this for my assignment?

You can use the C.R.A.P test to help you:

  • Currency: is the information up to date? If the source is older, is there likely to have been changes since it was created?
  • Reliability: does the publication cite sources, back up their information...
  • Authority: who created this? If individual author: who are they? what are their credentials? If a collective author: what can you find out about the organization?
  • Purpose/Point of View: Who is the intended audience? Is this meant for high school students? Is it meant for other researchers? Is there any bias? Is a particular point of view being pushed?


Watch our video for a more detailed explanation:

Content last reviewed: February 9, 2019