Search Tips

You'll probably want to do a search that is a bit more specific than just looking up your chosen company's name. 

  • Whenever you want to do a bit more complex search, start with the Advanced Search screen (both Summon and Business Source Complete have one)
  • Brainstorm possible search terms: if you need to find information on what makes your company a success, try and think about what does "success" for a company mean? For example
    • It may mean they make a lot of profit
    • It may mean they are innovative
  • Think about whether any of these words could occur in different forms: an article could talk about your company being a success, or about it being successful, or about the successes of your company. 
    • You want to be able to find all of these forms, so you can use a wildcard, the *, in your search: success* will pick up ALL of the forms of the word
  • Here is an example of what a search could look like: 
    example of advanced search in Business Source Complete

Watch our video for more examples and a more detailed explanation of search tips: 

Content last reviewed: February 9, 2019