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Course Code Course Name
FREN 3050 Compétences Critiques
FREN 3900 Apprentissage et enseignement du français langue seconde
FREN 5300 Méthodologie de la recherche
FYSM 1004A Literature, Genre, Context
FYSM 1004C Literature, Genre, Context
FYSM 1004D Literature, Genre, Context
FYSM 1004G Literature, Genre, Context
FYSM 1100B Sustainable Environments
FYSM 1101A Location is Everything
FYSM 1104 Human Rights: Issues and Interventions
FYSM 1106A Travel in the Ancient World
FYSM 1106B Love and Death in Greece and Rome
FYSM 1107 Social Justice and the City
FYSM 1108 Sustainable Environments
FYSM 1217B Archaeologies of Media
FYSM 1405A Greenwich Village, 1913
FYSM 1405D Science, Technology and Medicine in Global History
FYSM 1506A Sociology of Ottawa
FYSM 1506B Topics in the Study of Societies: Social Science Fiction
FYSM 1614A Power, politics and populism in Russia and Europe
FYSM 1900G World War II
FYSM 1900H Language and Power