FREN 5300

Méthodologie de la recherche

Course Instructor: 

Pacal Gin

Researching as a graduate student can be quite different compared to researching as an undergraduate. You may need to expand your research skills in order to be able to search both MORE IN-DEPTH  within certain resources but also to search with GREATER BREADTH across a wider variety of resources.

More In-Depth

make sure to take advantage of all advanced search features in whatever resource you are using: controlled subject vocabulary, wildcards, proximity operators....

make your searches more iterative, pay attention to words or phrases used in abstracts that could lead you to more related material

Greater Breadth

Expand your searches beyond just what is on our collection: search other libraries, more databases, search for different types of material (theses, digital collections, archival material....)

The following guide gives you some selected resources that can help you get started in your research. More resources can be found on our subject guides for  French Literature and  Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies

Content last updated: February 3, 2020