Getting Started

Researching Your Topic

1. Guide to Literary Research, Writing and Critical Reading (EBSCO)
    – This EBSCO research guide covers the basics of how to research your topic.

2. The Craft of Research by Wayne C. Booth (2016) (2008

3. Check the A-Z Subject guides
    - Subject guides are a good place to get started. They will give you an overview of the topic.
    Example: English Language and Literature -This guide offers access to literary content and analysis. 

4. Use Concept maps to organize, and craft creative ideas. Concept mapping can help you narrow your topic and
    find related terminology to use in a search query string:

  •      VUE (Visual Understanding Environment) (Tufts University)
  •      See Concept mapping (Royal Roads University) for other mapping tools

5. Chat with a Librarian or contact Denize Tan.


Reference Sources

Use reference materials such as bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and guides to locate relevant information on a topic.

Suggested Reference Resources:


Content last reviewed: January 26, 2021