Journal articles

If you know which journal you would like to consult, search under Title and limite by JOURNAL under Material Type, in Omni.  If you do not have a particular journal in mind, you should consult a database.

If you know which database you would like to search, you can select it by title on the library web site.

If you do not know which database to use, go to databases by subject.

General Searching in the Databases

If you are looking for articles by a particular author, select AUTHOR from the drop-down list.
If you are searching for a particular article, enter the title and select TITLE from the drop-down list.
For KEYWORD or key phrase searching, most database search engines encourage you to put your related terms (OR searching) in the same row, and your unrelated concepts (AND searching) in separate rows.  See Omni Search Tips for other helpful hints.

Tip:  Most databases provide a way to restrict the results of a search to peer-reviewed or academic articles. This may be done differently from database to database: check the help pages for more information.

Recommended Databases


Content last reviewed: April 26, 2021