Finding Books/eBooks

Changes to Library services during the COVID-19 service disruption.

Keyword Search Tips: choose keywords and/or synonyms that represent the key concepts of your topic

  • Use the Library's main search box to find books and other material on your topic.
  • "bottled water" --> use quotation marks to ensure that words are searched together as a phrase
  • "fair trade" AND coffee --> use AND to connect multiple topics (or phrases)
  • (waste OR garbage OR refuse) --> group synonyms together with OR, and enclose in parentheses
  • sustain* --> add the truncation symbol * (asterisk) to a root word, or to replace a letter in order to expand your search. See examples below:
    • Canad* will find Canada, Canada, Canadian, Canadien
    • Enviro* will find environment, environments, environmental, environmentalism, environmentalist
    • Pollut* will find pollution, polluted, polluting, pollutes, polluter
    • Sustain* will find sustainble, sustains, sustaining, sustainability
    • Wom*n will find woman or women
    • Globali*ation will find globalization or globalisation

Useful Books

  • World Regions in Global Context; People, places and environments, G116.M37 2014, Floor 5

eBook Collections

Content last updated: July 27, 2020