Course Guides: H

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Course Code Course Name
HIST 1300 The Making of Canada
HIST 1707 World History
HIST 2204 Early Modern Europe 1350-1650
HIST 2311A Canadian Environmental History since 1890
HIST 2706A Ancient and Pre-colonial Africa
HIST 2809B The Historian's Craft
HIST 2910 A History of Oil
HIST 3106A The Social History of Sexuality
HIST 3116A History of Disabilities
HIST 3710 The Dark Side of Paradise: Knowledge, Power and Imperialism in the Caribbean
HLTH 1000 Fundamentals of Health
HLTH 2001 Health Research Methods/Skills
HLTH 2003 Social Determinants of Health
HLTH 4102 New Health Technologies
HLTH 490X Capstone Course
HLTH 5100 Fundamentals of Research Methods
HLTH 5201 Fundamentals of Policy I: Policy Analysis
HUMS 4500 Modern Intellectual History