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Course Code Course Name
HIST 1300A Introduction to Canadian History
HIST 1300C The Making of Canada
HIST 1405E History of Refugees and Forced Migration
HIST 1701B World History
HIST 2000A Medieval Europe
HIST 2204 Early Modern Europe 1350-1650
HIST 2311A Canadian Environmental History since 1890
HIST 2809B The Historian's Craft
HIST 3106A The Social History of Sexuality
HIST 3710 The Dark Side of Paradise: Knowledge, Power and Imperialism in the Caribbean
HIST 4401 Reconsidering the Past
HLTH 1000 Fundamentals of Health
HLTH 2001 Health Research Methods/Skills
HLTH 2003 Social Determinants of Health
HLTH 4102 New Health Technologies
HLTH 490X Capstone Course
HLTH 5100 Health: Science, Technology and Policy
HLTH 5201 Fundamentals of Policy I: Policy Analysis
HUMR 2001 Theories and Foundations in Human Rights