Finding Journal Articles and Books

Changes to Library services during the COVID-19 service disruption.

 To find journal articles or books you have two options:

1. Use Omni, the library's main search box to easily find journal articles or books for your research essay.

Use the following filters to refine your search to find peer reviewed journal articles:

  • scholarly & peer-review
  • journal article content type
  • subject (related to your topic)

You can also limit your search to many other sources such as: Books/Available online.

2. Search Subject specific databases:

Searching Techniques:

  • Connect keywords with AND, example: intimacy AND desire
  • Connect synonyms with OR, within parenthesis, example: (pornography OR erotica OR obscene material OR sexploitation)
  • Use truncation symbol * to expand results, example: Sex* to find sexes, sexism, sexual, sexuality, sexy
  • Use quotation to search phrases, example: "sexual revolution"
  • Use Omni Search Tips for help

Need more?

  • For other databases, see our databases by subject for History, Sociology, Sexuality Studies and Women's Studies.
  • In addition, all history students should also register for a RACER account to access electronic material from other libraries.


Content last updated: July 27, 2020