Searching Summon and the Library Catalogue


Summon lets you do 'one search' to find books, journals articles, newspapers articles, videos, etc. It searches almost all of our collections and databases, simultaneously.

  • If you know the title of a specific book, journal article or journal, type in the full title.
  • If you are keyword searching, use the filters on the left side of the screen to refine your search to books, journal articles, newspaper articles, etc.
  • Use the Advanced Search on Summon to further limit search results by content type or exclude results.

Remember to login when searching Summon from off campus in order to access all online content.

Library Catalogue

  • If you know the title of the item, perform a title search.
  • If you know the author, perform an author search.  Enter the author's name with the surname first.
  • If keyword searching remember to search phrases using quotation marks, and use the truncation symbol * to expand search results. Examples:
    • "heterosexual love"
    • Wom*n
    • innovation*

Tip:  Once you find some good sources, look at the SUBJECTS listed under the description. Follow the active links to find other books on the same topic.

Suggested Subjects:

Reference Books:





Content last updated: December 10, 2018