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Library Workshop Assignment

Assignment Details:

Research Question: Does vaccination during pregnancy reduce the incidence of whooping cough?

  1. Identify the PICO terms in the above question
  2. Provide the MeSH URL for each of the your PICOs (you can have multiple URLs)
  3. Find two sources that answer the above question
    • One research article (primary) from the last 5 years
    • One review article (secondary) from the last 10 years
  4. Write out the citation elements for each of the articles
  5. Write a reflection on identifying and evaluating the articles
  6. Write a reflection on searching for the articles

Consider the following questions in your reflections:

  • Article identification and evaluation:
    • How do you know the articles are a research or review article?  What indicators or clues are there?    
    • Do these papers help answer the question?  
    • Are these papers too complex to use without reference (tertiary) sources?   
    • Was it difficult to figure out the citation elements?
  • Search process:
    • Was it difficult to identify the PICO terms?  
    • Did you use the PICO terms for your search?
    • Did you find all the PICO terms useful in your search?
    • Were you able to identify MeSH for each PICO term?
    • Was it difficult to find relevant articles using PubMed?  

HLTH2001 Library Assignment

Marking Rubric

Assignment Submission:

Due: Friday, Sept 28, 2018, midnight

Please email your TA your completed assignment.  In the subject line put HLTH 2001 workshop assignment.

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