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Changes to Library services during the COVID-19 service disruption.

Where to Search


A library database is an electronic index that contains information about published items.  They are often subject specific although there are also multidisciplinary databases too. 

Sometimes a database gives access to full-text articles but usually they just provide the title and abstract.  The library provides access to full-text through a link to it's subcriptions.  The GetIT button is this link.

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Library Search

Library Search searches everything in the library (books, ebooks, journal titles, articles, games, music, videos, government information, maps, and more!), plus research by Carleton faculty, staff and students found in our institutional repository, CURVE.


The internet provides a vast amount of information from many different sources.  Generally the resources in the library have been subjected to a review process by an editor or peer-reviewer.  It is up to yo u to review the resources you find on the internet. 

The CRAP test will help you evaluate information.

  • Currency
  • Reliability
  • Authority
  • Purpose/point of view
Content last reviewed: April 16, 2019