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CIA The World Factbook 
EIU Economist Intelligence Unit
Roubini Global Economics   

World Competitiveness Online - covers 59 countries - only available from on-campus- select data - choose from standard geography, e.g. Americas - then move to criteria - go to Government efficiency - expand Business legislation - select State ownership of enterprises
Global Competitiveness Report - covers 149 countries - also available at this site are: Global Risks Report and  Global Gender Gap Report

Legatum Prosperity Index
DataGov: Governance Indicators Database (global coverage from the Inter-American Development Bank). To obtain information on the degree of state capitalism - go to the Public Management tab- click on load all variables and scroll down to Government enterprises and investment as a percentage of total. On state capitalism see also OECD State Owned Enterprises and the Principle of Competitive Neutrality - covers the degree of state capitalism in Brazil, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Lithuania, Romania and Chinese Taipei.

Worldwide Governance Indicators - reports aggregate and individual governance indicators for 213 economies over the period 1996-2009, for six dimensions of governance
-Indicators also in the World dataBank

Doing Business -  provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 183 economies. Each economy is ranked according to 10 sets of indicators. Thes are combined into an overall "ease of doing business" ranking
-Indicators also in the World dataBank
-indicators also in the AGI Data Portal. Actionable governance indicators focus on specific and narrowly defines aspects of governance thereby often capturing data on the "missing middle" in the outcome chain. To see sources used, click on Indicators. To see Country Profiles, click on Data in the top navigation bar.

Enterprise Surveys - provides the world's most comprehensive company-level data in 125 emerging markets and developing economies
-indicators also in World dataBank
-indicators also in the AGI Data Portal

Governance Assessment Portal (UNDP)

Global Edge (Michigan State University) After selecting a country - note entries in the left-hand side bar for risk and indices. Under quick links note U.S. Commercial Service Country Commercial Guides - note that depending on the country, there may be information on state capitalism - for example chaper 6 of the guide for Brazil has a section on Competition from State Owned Enterprises

Human Development

Millennium Development Goals Report Card
Millennium Development Goals - gateway site from the UN on the MDGs
Reports - in the left-hand side bar, note the link of Regional Commissions' MDG sites also see the development banks:
African Development Bank Group
Asian Development Bank
European Investment Bank
Inter-American Development Bank
Islamic Development Bank
and the OECD and the Millennium Development Goals

Customized Google Search Engines

Library Subject Guide: Development Assistance Evaluation

Millennium Development Goals Indicators: Official UN site for the MDG Indicators
note - MDGInfo 2011 is a subset of Devinfo (set up by Unicef and the UN System to track progress towards MDGs)
MDGs also appear in the World dataBank and UNdata


Content last updated: February 14, 2019