Music of the World’s Peoples

Course Instructor: 

Dr. Carolyn Ramzy

This guide serves as an introduction to a selected list of world music resources held at MacOdrum library for this course.

For links to other music information, see the detailed Music subject guide.

  • Definitions of primary, secondary, and tertiary sources
    • Some examples of primary sources for music include:
      • Musical manuscripts;
      • Early printed editions;
      • Sketches;
      • Scores and parts used in early performances (markings by performers can be very useful);
      • Reviews of performances;
      • Early sound recordings;
      • Field recordings (often the only source material for ethnography or ethnomusicology);
      • Film footage of rehearsals, masterclasses, and performances;
      • Correspondence from composers and performers;
      • Programs and press clippings;
      • In the case of dramatic works and dance, photographs, notes on choreography, staging, costume design, and sets.

This list is courtesy of Vanderbilt University Library.

Content last updated: July 25, 2018