Principles of Neuroscience

Course Instructor: 

Dr. John Stead

The following are a few library resources that will provide a quick overview:

Textbook for course

Fundamentals of Neuroscience (2013)
Edited by Larry Squires [et al.]

Fundamental neuroscience 2013 [online]
Handbook of neuroscience for the behavioural sciences 2009 [online]
Clinical neuroanatomy and neuroscience 2012 [online]

Encyclopedia of behavioral neuroscience 2010 [online]
Encyclopedia of neuroscience 2009 [online]

Research methods
Current laboratory methods in neuroscience research 2014 [online]
Molecular neuroscience: a laboratory manual 2014 [online]
Jove: journal of visualized experiments [online]

Content last updated: March 26, 2019