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Course Code Course Name
PADM 5125 Qualitative Methods for Public Policy
PADM MPA Resources for MPA Students
PAPM 3000 Policy Research
PSCI 1100A Democracy in Theory & Practice
PSCI 1100B Democracy in Theory & Practice
PSCI 1200B World Politics
PSCI 1501 Politics of migration
PSCI 2102 Politics of the global South
PSCI 2200 Introduction to U.S. Politics
PSCI 2701 Introduction to Research Methods in Political Science
PSCI 3406 Public Affairs & Media Strategies
PSCI 4003 Politics and the Media
PSCI 4107 Political participation in Canada
PSYC 2003 Origins of Modern Psychology
PSYC 2400T Forensic Psychology
PSYC 2600 Introduction to Personality Psychology
PSYC 3100A Social Psychology Honours Seminar
PSYC 3400 Forensic Psychology Honours Seminar
PSYC 3500A Developmental Psychology Seminar
PSYC 3805A Organizational Psychology Seminar
PSYC 4909 Honours project in Psychology
PSYC 4909/4910 Project for BA Honours and BSc Honours in Psychology
Psyc Grad Psyc graduate students