Borrowing from Other Libraries

  • RACER is our online interlibrary loan system.  Use it to search for and order books, journal articles, and other items that you can't find in our collection.   Journal articles will be sent to you electronically.   For more information please see InterLibrary Loans.
  • CRL catalog (Center for Research Libraries) : Collects research materials not targeted by other North American research institutions. We are a member which allows you to get long-term loans of much of their material.
  • WorldCat: Search the library catalogues of 1000's of libraries around the world. You can get an idea of the importance of a book by seeing how many libraries have it in their collection
  • Borrowing directly from other libraries: We participate in a number of partnerships allowing you to borrow in person from libraries across the country and the rest of North America.  Identification is required for reciprocal borrowing from the participating libraries.

Adding to our Library's Collection

  • You can also send suggestions for purchase directly to me! If our budget allows and the requested item falls within our collection profile, we can usually purchase suggested titles.  E-book formats will be purchased whenever possible.
Content last updated: June 27, 2019