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Indian and Northern Affairs Canada – Basic Departmental Data (1995-2004) and Northern Indicators (2000-2007)
Community Well-Being Database (2006)
First Nations Profiles
Research and Statistics

Statistics Canada:
Aboriginal Peoples
Aboriginal Peoples Fact Sheets
Aboriginal Statistics at a Glance
Census Program Datasets - is a multic-census year data portal providing access to selected datasets from 1991 to 2016 Censuses, as well as the 2011 National Household Survey
2011 Census - Aboriginal Languages in Canada
National Household Survey, 2011
National Household Survey, Analytical Products 2011: Aboriginal Peoples
National Household Survey, 2011 - Aboriginal Population Profile
Profile for the NHS Special Collection for 13 Indian Reserves and Indian Settlements in Northern Ontario, 2011
Population Projections by Aboriginal Identity in Canada, 2006 to 2031
2006 Census - Aboriginal Peoples
2006 Census - Aboriginal Population Profile
2001 Census – Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
2001 Census – Analysis Series: Aboriginal Peoples of Canada: a Demographic Profile
2001 Census - Aboriginal Population Profiles
1996 Census - Nation Tables - Aboriginal (20% data)
1991 Census Highlights on Registered Indians: Annotated Tables

Census data from 1871 onwards and the National Household Survey, 2011 are available in <odesi>

2012 Aboriginal Peoples Survey
More data from the 2012 Survey are available in <odesi>

2006 Profile of Aboriginal Children, Youth and Adults

2006 Aboriginal Population Profiles for Selected Cities and Communities (based on 2006 Census and 2006 Aboriginal Peoples Survey)

2006 Aboriginal Peoples Survey: School Experiences of Off-Reserve First Nations Children Aged 6 to 14

2001 Aboriginal Peoples Survey
Initial Findings
Initial Release: Supporting Tables
Supporting Tables 2
Provincial and Territorial Reports: Off Reserve Aboriginal Population
Portrait of Aboriginal Children Living in Non-Reserve Areas
Harvesting and Community Well-Being Among Inuit in the Canadian Arctic

1991 Aboriginal Peoples Survey
1-disability, 2-housing
Language, Tradition, Health, Lifestyle and Social Issues
Schooling, Work and Related Activities, Income, Expenses and Mobility

Data from the Aboriginal Peoples Survey, 1991, 2001 and 2006 are available in <odesi>

Some provinces have highlighted their indigenous populations by drawing on the National Household Survey, 2011 and census data – see Ontario (NHS 2011) and (2006 census); Alberta – Demographics (Population); British Columbia – Aboriginal Peoples of British Columbia; New Brunswick - First Nations Communities; Northwest Territories - 2011 census and NHS; Nova Scotia - Aboriginal People in Nova Scotia; Nunavut - Census data also includes NHS; Quebec - Publications and documentation; Saskatchewan (NHS 2011) and (2006) and Yukon (Yukon First Nation Profiles and Census Reports)

For more general statistics by province, consult the guide to Government Statistics - Canada and Provinces/Territories

Canadian Non-Governmental Bodies
Urban Aboriginal Peoples Study

United States Statistical Record of Native North Americans (provides some Canadian coverage)
Census Bureau Tribal Affairs - American Indian and Alaska Native Population

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