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Renewing the relationship: key documents
see also - Indigenous Studies Portal - Treaties

Bill C-7: the First Nations Governance Act – Legislative History
Framework Agreement on First Nations Land Management
Indian Act, RSC 1985, c I-5

Library of Parliament research publications - Archived publications: aboriginal affairs see also link to Current publications: aboriginal affairs
Reports from Parliamentary committees - e.g. Senate Standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples and the House of Commons Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development are listed in the Library's catalogue. Other documents connected with the Committees' work are found under Parliamentary Business

Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
see also - Government of Canada Publications - has some items from the For Seven Generations cd-rom

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Institute on Governance
Aboriginal community development experts symposium: summary report
Best practices in Aborginal consultation and accomodation by Phil Fontaine
Building governance capacity: the case of potable water in First Nations communities by John Graham and Evlyn Fortier
Characteristics of a nation-to-nation relationship: Discussion Paper by Marcia Nickerson (February 2017)
Characteristics of a nation-to-nation relationship: Nation Building and Nations Re-Building prepared by Marcia Nickerson (April 2017)
Developing Legal frameworks for urban aboriginal governance by Bradford W. Morse
"Duty to Consult", environmental impacts, and Metis indigenous knowledge by Annette Chretien and Brenda Murphy
The Duty to Consult with non-status Indians: Mi'kmaq politics and crown responsibilities in Nova Scotia by Bernard Huber
The Duty to Consult doctrine and representative structures for consultation with Metis communities and non-status Indian communities by Dwight Newman
Finding a place for race at the policy table: broadening the indigenous education discourse in Canada by Tracy L. Friedel
First Nation and Metis youth in Northern Alberta: toward a more expansive view of transitions by Alison Taylor, Tracy L. Friedel and Lois Edge
Improving the education outcomes of aboriginal people living off-reserve: a discussion of delivery models
In search of common ground: reconciling western-based governance principles and First Nations traditions by Jodi Bruhn
Indigenous governance in Winnipeg and Ottawa: making space for self-determination by Julie Tomiak
Keeping the circle strong: social promotion through community networking to strengthen off-reserve aboriginal child welfare by Judy Gillespie
Natural resource development and the governance challenge by Stephen Cornell
Reconceiving notions of aboriginal identity by Carrie Bourassa
Reframing the issues: emerging questions for Metis, Non-Status Indian and Urban Aboriginal policy research
Revisiting RCAP: towards reconciliation: the future of indigenous governance: symposium discussion paper
Revisiting RCAP: towards reconciliation: the future of indigenous governance: conference report
Thoughts on Metis economic development by Gregg Dahl
Towards a risk-based approach to public sector oversight
Trafficking of aboriginal women and girls in Canada by Anette Sikka

Land Claims Agreements Coalition

International - Canada and the United States
Indian affairs: laws and treaties compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler


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