Newspapers, Magazines & Broadcasts

  • Looking for a specific newspaper
  • From a single country, a good strategy is to span the political spectrum:
    • In Canada: Globe and Mail (centre), Toronto Star (left), National Post (right)
    • Wikipedia tends to list a newspaper’s political alignment
  • Paper of Record: major newspaper of a country considered an authoritative record of events:
    • For international topics:
      • Globe and Mail (Canada)
      • New York Times (United States)
      • The Times of London (United Kingdom)
      • Le Monde (France)

Newspapers, Magazines and Trade Publications(use Boolean Operators)

Broadcast Transcripts
How a topic was discussed on television/radio broadcasts; great for interviews/panel discussions with experts

Historical Newspapers

Globe and Mail: Canada's Heritage from 1844 (1844-2013)

  • Canadian
  • Scanned images

Guardian (1821-2003)

  • British
  • Scanned images

New York Times Archives (1851-2013)

  • American
  • Scanned images

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Content last updated: December 10, 2019