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Pre-scientific psychology
The sciences of the soul: the early modern origins of psychology     BF101 .V5313 2011  
From soul to mind : the emergence of psychology from
Erasmus Darwin to William James                                                  BF103.R44 1997
The Problematic science : psychology in nineteenth-century
thought                                                                                          BF103.P76 1982 
Psychology and life (MÜnsterburg)                                                   [online] 1899
Humanics                                                                                       [online] 1860

Physiology, Psychophysics, and science of the mind
Elements of scientific psychology (Dunlap)                                     [online] 1922
Wilhelm Wundt and the making of a scientific psychology                BF105.W54 1980
Opening Skinner's box : great psychological experiments
of the twentieth century                                                                   BF198.7 .S57 2004
Great psychologists and their times : scientific insights                    BF109.A1 S56 2002         
into psychology's history                                                       
Elements of psychophysics (Fechner)                                            BF237.F3313  1860
Psychophysics : a practical introduction                                         BF237 .K53 2010 
Mind, brain and adaptation in the nineteenth century:
cerebral localization and its biological context from Gall to Ferrier      QP353.Y6 1970 
The First century of experimental psychology                                   BF181.F5    
Marking the mind : a history of memory                                           [online] 2008
Constructing the subject : historical origins of psychological research  BF181 .D27 
Constructing scientific psychology : Karl Lashley's mind-brain
debates                                                                                        BF109.L37W45  
Intellectual functions and the brain : an historical perspective             QP360.M348  
Following Charcot : a forgotten history of neurology and psychiatry    RC339.52.C453 F65 2011    

Germany and psychology
A sourcebook of Gestalt psychology                                                [online] 1938
Gestalt psychology in German culture, 1890-1967                            BF203.A84
Composing the soul : reaches of Nietzsche's psychology                 BF109.N54 P37 1994 
German psychology of to-day: the empirical school                          [online] 1886

European psychology
European perspectives in psychology  ( 3 volumes)                         BF108.E85E87 
A short history of British psychology, 1840-1940                             BF108.G7H4 1964
Changing the rules : psychology in the Netherlands, 1900-1985        BF38.5.D3513 1995
Red Vienna and the golden age of psychology, 1918-1938               BF108.A92G37               

History of cognitive psychology
Cognitive psychology in the Middle Ages                                   BF201.K46
The mechanization of the mind : on the origins of cognitive 
 science                                                                                            BF311 .D84513  
The prehistory of cognitive science                                               BF311 .P739 2007                                       
Minds, brains, computers : an historical introduction to the        BF311 .H339 2002 
foundations of cognitive science 

Psychology and medicine
History of psychiatry and medical psychology                                 [online] 2008
Mind, brain and adaptation in the nineteenth century:
cerebral localization and its biological context from Gall to Ferrier      QP353.Y6 1970
Principles of physiological psychology (Wundt)                               [online] 1901
An outline of psychobiology (Dunlap)                                              [online] 1917

History of experimental psychology (Instrumentation and methodology)
A history of modern experimental psychology :
from James and Wundt to cognitive science                                  BF181 .M27 2007    
Forty studies that changed psychology: explorations into
the history of psychological research                                           BF105 .H63 2009   
Opening Skinner's box : great psychological experiments of
the twentieth century                                                                    BF198.7 .S57 2004
The Rise of experimentation in American psychology                     BF181.R57 1988 
The First century of experimental psychology                                 BF181.F5  1979            
Laboratory studies in operant behavior                                          [online]  1963
Psychology through experiment                                                    BF181.H78 1963 
Instructor's manual for experiments and demonstrations
in psychology                                                                              [online] 1940
A history of experimental psychology  (Boring)                               BF95.B6 1929

American psychology
A history of ideas in American psychology                                    BF105 .K45 2001  
The origins of behaviorism : American psychology,                       BF199.O38  1985
Soviet and American psychology during World War II                   BF105.S68 1997
American psychology since World War II : a profile
of the discipline                                                                          BF105.G54 1982  
The romance of American psychology : political culture
in the age of experts, 1940-1970                                                 BF108.U5 H47 1995
Models of achievement : reflections of eminent
women in psychology                                                                BF109.A1M62 2001

Early schools of psychology
Contemporary schools of psychology                                        [online]
Panorama of psychology                                                            BF81 .V37 2011   
Psychologies of 1930                                                                 [online]
Progress in modern psychology : the legacy of 
American functionalism                                                               BF201.5.P76    
Psychology: theoretical-historical perspectives                       [online]


History of behaviourism and developmental psychology
Beyond the century of the child : cultural history and
developmental psychology                                                                    HQ767.87 .B49 2003
History of behavior modification : experimental
foundations of contemporary research                                              BF637.B4K42 1978
Lectures on conditioned reflexes (Pavlov)                                          [online] 1928
Principles of behavior modification (Bandura)                                   RC489.B4B3 1969

Psychology as a profession
Architects of adjustment : the history of the psychological                   BF108.U5N36          
profession in the United States
Psychologists on the march : science, practice, and
professional identity in America, 1929-1969                                  BF108.U5C36  1999
Psychology and the Department of Veterans Affairs: a historical          [online]
analysis of training, research, practice, and advocacy 
The professionalization of psychology in Nazi Germany                       BF108.G3G4813
Professional psychology in Canada                                                    BF108.C3P7 

Psychology and social action
The psychology of prejudice : from attitudes to social action              BF575.P9 J29 2011  [online]

Global psychology
History of psychology in the black experience :
perspectives then and now                                                          BF108.A3 O845 2012
The Oxford handbook of the history of psychology :                       BF81 .O94 2012    
 global perspectives
Social psychology in South Africa                                               HM251 .S67499 1991
'Race', racism, knowledge production and psychology in               DT1756.R297  
South Africa                
Cultural issues in psychology : a student's handbook                   [online] 2010 
 Handbook of Indian psychology                                                     BF108.I6 H36 2008
 Handbook of cultural psychology                                                   GN502 .H385 2007                                
Internationalizing the history of psychology                                   BF81 .I575 2006
Post-Soviet perspectives on Russian psychology                             BF108.R8P67 1997
Even the rat was white : a historical view of psychology                   BF105.G87 1998   
From colonial to liberation psychology : the Philippine experience     BF108.P6E57    
Indian psychology                                                                          BF108.I6S56 1985  
Psychology in the Soviet Union                                                          [online] 1998
The Middle East : a cultural psychology                                             GN502 .G76 2005    
Psychology of the Japanese people                                                   DS821.M4813 
The origins of Indian psychology                                                        BL1112.57.R43 
Handbook of Indian psychology                                                          BF108.I6 H36 2008 
Asian perspectives on psychology                                                       BF108.A8A86
Psychological research in Communist China, 1949-1966                      BF108.C48C48 1969 

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