Getting started

To find library resources on the history of psychology related to this course, you can do a subject search in the library catalogue using one of the following subject headings:

history - psychology
psychology - experimental - history
psychoanalysis - history
ethnopsychology - history
behaviorism (psychology) -- history
parapsychology - history

The following are a few resources to get you started:

A history of modern psychology in context                    [online] 2010

Encyclopedia of the history of psychological theories     [online] 2012
Fifty key thinkers in psychology                                        [online] 2004
The Corsini encyclopedia of psychology                         [online] 2010

Psychology: the key concepts                                         BF31 .R53 2009
Elsevier’s dictionary of psychological theories             BF31 .E44 2006 

Oxford handbook of the history of psychology:
global perspectives                                                         BF81 .O94 2012 

A brief history of modern psychology                                              BF95 .B43 2007                                           
A history of psychology : a global perspective                                  BF81 .S55 2011  
Annotated readings in the history of modern psychology                  BF95 .G66 2010
Putting psychology in its place                                                       [online] 2010
Psychology : Pythagoras to present                                               BF81 .M35 2009
Psychology’s territories: historical and contemporary perspective  BF121 .P86 2007
from different disciplines
Critique of psychology: from Kant to postcolonial theory                   [online] 2005
The anatomy of impact: what makes the great works of                    BF105 .A46 2003
psychology great
The life cycle of psychological ideas: understanding prominence      [online] 2004
and the dynamics of psychological change
Evolving perspectives on the history of psychology                           [online] 2002
The history of psychology: fundamental questions                           BF81 .H574 2003
The anatomy of impact : what makes the great works of
psychology great                                                                           [online] 2003
A century of psychology : progress, paradigms, and
prospects for the new millennium                                                     BF105.C44 1997   


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