Books, eBooks & Films

Changes to Library services during the COVID-19 service disruption.

Book borrowing Information:

  • You can have up to 500 books checked out at any one time
  • Undergraduate students may borrow an item for 120 days (with unlimited renewals subject to recall when another student places a hold)
  • You can also borrow books from the University of Ottawa
  • If a book you want is checked out, you can use the Hold/Request button to request it
  • To renew your books, place requests, connect to e-books, journals, & databases from off-campus you only need your MyCarletonOne login and password


The library has a new search tool that lets you do just one search to find books, newspaper articles, journals, journal articles, etc. You can also search for books in Omni and use our various journal article databases to find journal articles, but this search tool give you another option that lets you do both at the same time. 

  • Use keywords only, do not search using a full sentence
  • Use quotation marks when searching a phrase  "kosher laws"
  • Combine keywords for different ideas with AND
  • Combine synonyms or similar words for an idea with OR
  • Use the * at the end of the root of a word to find all the forms of that word


Results for books and eBooks are high in Omni as it is retrieving relevant articles or chapters within books.

If something is available in paper copy in the library Omni will give you the floor location and the call number (which you need in order to find the item on the shelf).   If something is available online, click on the "Available Online" green link.

Search Tips

Use Omni to find books, government documents, conference proceedings, journals and journal articles.  For a more comprehensive search for journal articles not found in Omni, use Subject databases to search for individual article titles.

If you know the title of the item you seek, perform a TITLE search.You can construct sophisticated searches by specifying that your search terms must exist in particular fields of an Omni record. 

If you know the author, perform an AUTHOR search.  Enter the author's name with the surname first.

Otherwise, try a KEYWORD search. When keyword searching, if a keyword exists in the subject heading or in the title, the resource is much more likely to be about that topic. 

  • Use boolean operators AND/OR to create a relevant search statement.

    Example:  sabbath AND jew*  
                     (diet* OR food* OR kosher OR kashrut*)  AND s:jew*

  • Use the truncation symbol * when you want to allow for several spellings or variations on a word.

          Example:  jew*
                           (other variation includes: jews, jewish, jewry )

Note: Be sure to check Omni Search Tips for other helpful tips.



Content last reviewed: July 16, 2020