Primary Sources

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Finding Primary Sources

Use the library's search tool and search by title.  Under title, sacred texts are arranged according to:
    1) the language of translation
    2) the version, i.e. a personal name, place name or phrase identifying the translator or translating body
    3) the date of publication.

Bible. O.T. Hebrew
Bible. O.T. English 
Bible. O.T. Pentateuch
Talmud. English

Author Search for 
Rashi 1040-1105
Maimonides, Moses 1135-1204 

Internet Sites
The Complete Jewish Bible with Rashi Commentary 
Jewish Virtual Library Use the Google custom search at top right - for example Shulkhan Arukh  
Hebrew Manuscripts

Sacred Texts
Internet Sacred Text Archive - searchable archive of texts and online books about religion, mythology and folklore.
Sacred Texts - extensive list of sacred texts and resources, maintained by a librarian at the U. of Calgary.

As you do your research using secondary sources - books and scholarly articles - look for references to relevant primary sources in the footnotes and bibliographies.



Content last reviewed: July 16, 2020