Finding Books & eBooks

Changes to Library services during the COVID-19 service disruption.

Use Omni to find books, government documents, conference proceedings, journals, and journal articles.. For comprehensive access to journal articles, use subject databases to search for individual article titles.

If you know the title of the item you seek, perform a TITLE search.

If you know the author, perform an AUTHOR search. Enter the author's name with the surname first.

Otherwise, try a KEYWORD/SUBJECT search.
Search Tips:
Use boolean operators AND/OR to create a relevant search statement.
Use the truncation symbol * when you want to allow for several spellings or variations on a word.

Example:  Homosexuality AND judaism
               finds the title Jewish/Christian/queer : crossroads and identities

Scroll down to see the subject headings:

  • Gender identity
  • Homosexuality -- Religious aspects -- Judaism
  • Homosexuality -- Religious aspects -- Christianity

Explore the nearby entries for other relevant Subject Headings
      for example  Homosexuality -- Religious aspects -- Comparative studies

For more information, consult Omni Search Tips.


eBooks can be found in Omni by author, title, subject and keyword searching.
Do a search and then limit your search to retrieve only ebooks by using the drop down menu:

Other Catalogues:


Content last reviewed: August 12, 2020