Finding Journal Articles

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Academic journals and popular magazines - do you know the difference?  

  •  Check in Ulrichsweb to be sure!
  •  Go to the publisher's web page to see criteria for submissions

Why use journals?

  •         They are more up-to-date than most books.
  •         They are “peer reviewed” by other scholars in the field who check for academic integrity.
  •         They are concise and focused on a specific aspect of a topic. 
  •         Every article will contain cited references that appear as footnotes and/or bibliographies.
  •         Most are now in online and accessible anytime and from off campus.

For best results do a search using keywords or phrases in a subject database to find references to scholarly articles.  
  When a database gives you an option, always limit to scholarly (or academic or peer reviewed) journals.  

Never limit to full-text only because you will miss any references to articles in journals when another vendor has the full-text publishing rights.

When searching databases, use operators to join concepts together using AND and OR.

Use AND to narrow a search
      example:   modesty AND women  - both terms must be found 

Use OR when the concepts are similar, and it does not matter which word is used.
     example:   judaism OR christian* OR islam  -  only one of the three terms must be found

Use truncation when you want to allow for several spellings or variations on a word.
     example:    christian*  will find all the words - christian, christians, christianity, etc.

Put terms together into one search statement
             for example:  (ordination OR clergy OR leadership) AND women

Recommended Databases

1.  Look at all writings by a relevant author and co-authors.
2.  Explore the bibliography of a relevant article for more articles.
3.  Discover if the articles have been cited since publication.

Use Citation Indexes to find if a particular author and/or paper has been cited by other authors.

Web of Science
You have the article        
    You have the article  "The Sharia Debate in Ontario. Gender, Islam, and Representations of Muslim Women's Agency"  Korteweg, Anna C. in Gender & Society 22.4 (Aug 2008): 434-454.

      Using the drop down menu, change Basic Search to Cited Reference Search.  Key in author's name and initials in the Cited Author search box.
               Korteweg A*  
       Select search. 
       Results are in reverse order of publication date; scroll down to find article above.
       On right hand side, see number of times article has been cited - in this case 23 times.
       Click in the boxes on the left hand side of the screen and then on Finish Search
        You are then given a list of articles that have cited the article by Korteweg.  In this case, it was last cited in 2015.
        As you explore the results, you will see that many of the articles have also been cited - listed on the right hand side of the screen. 

Note the option My tools.  Use this the create an alert and  be notified of any future citings of this article.

       Select Author Search from menu bar.
        Enter author's name and affiliation if known.
                 Korteweg A*
          Click on Korteweg Anna C.  Scroll down to see all the articles by the author.  Click on article for the citing references.

Remember to see if an citing article has itself been cited.

Content last reviewed: August 12, 2020