Finding Books & eBooks


Use Omni to find books, government documents, conference proceedings, and journals. Some journal articles are included in the library's search tool: use the databases to search for individual article titles.

If you know the title of the item you seek, perform a TITLE search.
             for example title  The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha

If you know the author, perform an AUTHOR search. Surname first.
             for example Charlesworth James H

When searching a topic,  do a KEYWORD/SUBJECT search.
                Keyword dead sea scrolls and qumran

Search Tips: See Omni Search Tips.


eBooks can be found in Omni by author, title, subject and keyword searching.
Do a search and then limit your search to retrieve only Books by using the drop down menu under Material Type.


Click on Reserves under Services on the library's home page.  Key in your course code to see a list of titles on reserve in the library.

Content last reviewed: January 26, 2021