Reference Materials

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Use reference materials for background information for your topic, or to find good keywords to use when searching databases.  These are dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides, bibliographies, indexes and abstracts.

To find reference materials in Omni, perform a KEYWORD or SUBJECT search
       for example - KEYWORD search:  slam AND politics AND encyclop* 
                               SUBJECT search:    islamic countries -- encyclopedias

International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences /Neil J. Smelser, Paul B. Baltes
Excellent source for definitions and information on concepts and theories in sociology and anthropology.   REF  H41 .I5 2001 (26 v. set available online and in print) 
Oxford Reference (Online)  Gateway to dictionaries and encyclopedias in Religion and Philosophy.
SAGE Knowledge Encyclopedias
Blackwell encyclopedia of sociology / George Ritzer (2007) (Online at HathiTrust) - HM425.B53 2007 (vols. 1-11)
Encyclopaedia Iranica / Ehsan Yarshater (1996-)
Encyclopaedia Judaica / Fred Skolnik, Michael Berenbaum (2007)
Encyclopaedia of Islam / H.A.R. Gibb, et. al. (1960-) DS37.E523 (vols. 1-15)
Encyclopedia of Religion / Lindsay Jones (2005)
The Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion / Robert Wuthnow (1998)
Encyclopaedia of the Qur'¯an / Jane Dammen McAuliffe (2001) (Online at HathiTrust) - BP133.E53 2001 (vols. 1-6)
Encyclopedia of women and religion in North America / Rosemary Skinner Keller et. al. (2006) BL458.E527 2006 (vols. 1-3)
Encyclopedia of Religious Rites, Rituals and Festivals / Frank A. Salamone (2004) BL31.E525 2004
Encyclopedia of social and cultural anthropology / Alan Barnard, Jonathan Spencer(2010) (online) (online)
The Princeton encyclopedia of Islamic political thought / Gerhard Bowering, et. al. (2013)
The dictionary of anthropology / Thomas Barfield (1997) GN307.D485
Encyclopedia of anthropology / H. James Birx (2006)
Encyclopedia of cultural anthropology / David Levinson, Melvin Ember (1996) GN307.E52 (vols. 1-4)
Oxford Scholarship Online

Content last reviewed: July 17, 2020