Finding Journal Articles

Academic journals and popular magazines - do you know the difference?  

  •  Check in Ulrichsweb to be sure!
  •  Go to the publisher's web page to see criteria for submissions
  •  Look to a list for titles from reputable source  for example:  Open Access Online Journals

Why use journals?

  •         They are more up-to-date than most books.
  •         They are “peer reviewed” by other scholars in the field who check for academic integrity.
  •         They are concise and focused on a specific aspect of a topic. 
  •         Every article will contain cited references that appear as footnotes and/or bibliographies.
  •         Most are now in online and accessible anytime and from off campus.

For best results do a search using keywords or phrases in a subject database to find references to scholarly articles.  
  When a database gives you an option, always limit to scholarly (or academic or peer reviewed) journals.  

Never limit to full-text only because you will miss any references to articles in journals when another vendor has the full-text publishing rights.

Recommended Databases

Canadian sources 

Also consult multidisciplinary databases such as:



Content last reviewed: January 26, 2021