Finding Books


Use Omni to find books, government documents, conference proceedings, and journals.  This search tool makes it easy to locate many types of library materials in the MacOdrum Library. Key in the search term in the Basic Search screen. This is the default search interface. More search options are available in Advanced Search:

  • If you know the title of the item you seek, perform a TITLE search.
  • If you know the author, perform an AUTHOR search.  Enter the author's name with the surname first.
  • Otherwise, try a KEYWORD or SUBJECT search. 


    Search Tips

  • Join concepts together using AND and OR

    Use AND when the concepts are not related such as religion AND society. This narrows the search as both of those words must be in the information that is being returned.

    Use OR when the concepts are similar, and it does not matter which word is found in the information that is being returned. For instance, church OR religion.  This broadens the search.

    Use truncation when you want to allow for several spellings or variations on a word. For instance, religi* will retrieve religion, religions, religious.

    Once you find one or more good books, look at the SUBJECT headings that have been used.  Follow those SUBJECT heading links to find related books.

    Other Search Tools:

Content last reviewed: January 26, 2021