Citation Searching

Use Citation Indexes to find if a particular author and/or paper has been cited by other authors.

Web of Science
You have the article:       
    "Public-life and hostility to religion"  Gedicks, FM  Virginia Law Review  Volume: 78   Issue: 3   Pages: 671-698   APR 1992

       In the Basic Search box, key in author's name and initials and select Author from the drop down menu.
                Gedicks FM   
       Limit by year if you wish, but you may want to see other titles by the author.
       Select search. 
       Results are in reverse order of publication date; scroll down to find article above.
       On right hand side, see number of times article has been cited - in this case 28
       Click on the number to see the references - this article was most recently cited in 2017.

Note the option My tools.  Use this the create an alert and  be notified of any future citing of this article.

       Select Author Search from menu bar.
        Enter author's name and affiliation if known.
                  Hemming P*
        Select displayed result.  On right hand side all published articles by the author will be listed.  Click on article for citing references.

Remember to see if an citing article has itself been cited.


  • Look at all writings by a relevant author and co-authors.
  • Explore the bibliography of a relevant article for more articles.
  • Discover if the articles have been cited since publication.


Content last reviewed: August 11, 2020