SOCI 1001

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Introduction to Sociology I Flynn

Course Instructor: 

William Flynn

This guide will help you to find resources for your research paper on subcultures.

Getting Started

To get started, find a definition for "subculture".  You can use this to focus your topic -- is the particular group that you have chosen a subculture as sociology defines it?  A good place to start for an overview, or for definitions, is to find a reference resource such as an encyclopedia or a dictionary, that explains the background behind such terms.  Try looking for your terms in these:

There are others!  One place to find them is on the "welcome" tab of subject guides (such as Sociology) and in the catalogue using keywords "dictionaries" or "encyclopedias" with your search.

Finding Resources About Your Topic

Your assignment indicates that you require 4-5 "academic" sources and 4-5 non-academic sources.  "Academic" sources include books (particularly from university presses), scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles, dissertations and theses.  Non-academic sources include magazine articles or news articles.

Content last updated: February 19, 2020