Google Books

Google Books can make you aware of relevant books, but you may find that the entire book is not available for reading.  Use the Library Catalogue to find a copy.

Library Catalogue

You can search for a book from the Library's home page.  If you wish to use more sophisticated searches, you may wish to enter the catalogue first.  The catalogue can be accessed directly at, or from the Library's home page in the upper right corner.

Choose your search strategy based on what information is available to you.  You can search by title, author or keyword.  Enter authors with the family name first.  For keyword searching tips, see the Keyword Searching page in this guide.

Once you have found a good candidate book, there are two strategies that you can employ to find related resources.  The first is to check for nearby call numbers.  The call number encodes the primary topic of the book.  Related books will be nearby.  The second strategy is to use the subject headings.  These are "tags" for the secondary themes in the book.  Both call numbers and subject headings are hyperlinked -- follow these links.

Print Books

You may find that a book is on loan.  You can place a hold on a book to be next in line when the book is returned.  For books that are on loan and due in a month or more, place a hold to have the book recalled.  Graduate students and faculty are entitled to have a book for a month, but they can retain it for up to three months if no one else requests it.

To place a hold, click on the Hold/Request button.  Enter your MyCarletonOne username and password.  On the next page, confirm the hold by clicking on REQUEST SELECTED ITEM.  You can track the status of a book for which you are waiting by checking your library account.

Electronic Books

Many of our books are available in electronic format.  If you are not on campus, you may be asked for your MyCarletonOe username and password before accessing the book.  Some of our ebooks have limitations in terms of the number of users who can access the book at the same time -- if you are asked to wait, please be patient.

Electronic books can be found in the catalogue, but we also have collections of electronic books.

Books Not in the Collection

Try searching at the Ottawa Public LibraryIf you have no way of proving that you are a City of Ottawa resident, stop by the Library Services desk on the second floor of the Library and ask for a Sm@rtLibrary card, which will allow you to borrow from a number of libraries in the region.  For more information about Sm@rtLibrary, check the bottom of the "direct borrowing" information page.

You can use your campus card to borrow from the University of Ottawa.

We can also bring in books from other libraries.  You can search for books in other Ontario university libraries using RACER.  To request books from other university libraries, obtain a RACER login.  For more information, consult the Interlibrary Loans page.

Books on Culture and Capitalism

These, and related books, may help:

Books on Different Subcultures

These books may help you to choose a subculture:

Content last updated: December 11, 2019