Theses and Dissertations

Theses and dissertations are special cases of academic resources.  They are focused research on a particular topic, containing an extensive review of the existing literature on the subject and additional original research.  The bibliography is a great way to get started, if you can find one on your topic!

Carleton University Theses and Dissertations

Theses and dissertations produced at Carleton University can be found in the catalogue (perform a keyword search, restricting the LOCATION to THESES).  Our print theses are kept in the storage facility.  They can be brought back into the Library for viewing. If there is a second copy, it can be borrowed.  Place a hold and you will be notified via email when it is available.

Many theses are also available electronically.  Links to them can be found in the catalogue.  Alternatively, you can search a database called Dissertations & Theses @Carleton University.  Here are some examples:

Theses and Dissertations from Other Institutions

Please see the "find" guide for other sources.  A notable database is Dissertations & Theses Global, which has the full text for most North American theses and dissertations dating back to 1997 (and, to a lesser extent, earlier).

Content last updated: December 11, 2019