SOCI 2045

Changes to Library services during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Gender and Society

Course Instructor: 

Mehrnaz Golestaneh

Course Description and Objectives (WINTER 2020):

Getting started

For your paper you must select a set of media items to analyze as primary sources.   What topic interests you?  Browse for ideas.  Some suggestions:

Facebook; Twitter; Blog

or use your own social media sources.

Magazines held by the Library

The Library has a limited selection of print magazines.  Many of our databases contain magazine articles, but they do not necessarily include any photographic material. The following magazines can be found on the first floor, in the compact shelving.

also consult the Ottawa Public Library, which has a much wider range of popular magazines.

News sources

Many of the Library's electronic news sources are text-only.  Try PressReader, which contains images of entire pages of newspapers.  Note that the resource has a moving window of 60 days, so be sure to take copies of the pages that you will be using in your paper.

Try the print subscriptions for these papers:

Print newspapers are now found on the second (main) floor.

Need more?  Try the News guide.


Other sources

What other sources can be used?  Internet radio?  Television shows?  Computer games?  Music videos?  Graphic novels?  Consider some of the targets of study in the courses which are listed on the right side of this page.

Resources for your proposal and research paper

Content last updated: February 19, 2020